Shopify vs Woocommerce (2022) as an artist!

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I'm Sharon. Welcome to my world, where bold, luxurious statement art is filled with philosophy, psychology and mindset, wrapped up in a beautiful piece to make you stop and think.

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I wanted to run you through today how I chose the Ecommerce provider for to showcase my painting and sell art prints of my work.

I originally started on WordPress, then Wix, then Squarespace and was for several years on Shopify before moving over to Woocommerce last year. Here I discuss the differences between Shopify and Woocommerce, broken down into these 5 categories:

  1. The overall look and feel you are aiming for on your website
  2. How easy each platform is to use
  3. Price and costs
  4. Features and plug ins
  5. Blogs, About me, Portfolio and other webpages that aren’t products

(spoiler alert: I use Showit alongside Woocommerce to ensure my website is fully on brand)

Sometimes good enough (aka just get started selling), is good, until better comes along!

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to pop in questions and comments below! Link to see Woocommerce in action:

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