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Semi Original so that you have no excuse not to treat yourself, your family or gift this beauty

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An Artist, Adventurer and Storyteller...

The world is fragmented and there is war going on. Evil has permeated the world into every crack and crevice. Rational sane people have turned to darkness. Sadness is influenced by PR agencies. And so I wanted a reminder on my wall of truth, light and hope. I wanted to think of a way to show my love and support. 


+ 18 inches x 18 inches / 45cm x 45cm
+ Semi Original Piece made from canvas, resin, mica powder and glass
+ Canvas stretched onto sustainably sourced wooden bars
+ Ready to Hang
+ Worldwide shipping

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telling our story WITH artful EXCELLENCE AND PURPOSE.

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Only 18 available on Tuesday 16th July 2024

Until 23rd July 2024

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- Sharon

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Her paintings are made from paint, resin and other miscellaneous materials that were due to be thrown away such as stones from her back garden! Her art is focused around Parenthood, Pregnancy Loss and Mindset and her work has been featured in British Vogue and Huffington Post.

Sharon creates bold, luxurious statement paintings filled with layers and depth, to make you stop and think. 

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