The 'To be a Jew' Collection is comprised of 15 paintings and created based on my experiences from this overwhelming year. Some people are activists, I paint.

to be a jew
in 2021

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Jews in

In 2021, the backlash against Jews (cloaked in Anti-Zionism) and the mis-information were absolutely startling. 

I felt exhausted by the comments both in person and online. I had to stop taking public transport to my job in the City after I was verbally abused. Twice. 

I tried to speak out but my mentor suggested I turn to the easel instead. I share with you my fears, hopes and dreams in paint form.


anti-semitism and how it makes me feel

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Jews in

2021 sparked the positive cry of #myorthodoxlife, due to a tv show about a lady who had left her orthodox life behind and shed religion to become happy.

It was also the year that women's roles continued to be spotlighted in the home and traditional responsibilities between Jewish man and woman continued to be blurred due to Covid-19 'work from home' arrangements.


jewish women and their shifting roles

Jews in

Yes I may be living in 2021 but it gives me great comfort and puts a smile to my face that really, is my Jewish life so different to my grandparents and great-grandparents?

Regardless of the year and regardless of the century, Jewish Traditions continue to thrive and be practised across the world with the same vigour and excitement.


everlasting traditions that didn't change

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Jews in:

Jewish Life is centered around community and yet for much of 2021, community events in person were still banned for fear of spreading Covid-19.

Instead, Jewish Life and worship has become a more solitary operation and our once busy halls and synagogues turned quiet. 


experiencing covid-19 as an orthodox jew

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I hope that you, my Collectors will look at these pieces and feel the challenge, the questions, the conflict and the unity that came from painting this collection. I hope by having these paintings on your wall that you will gain inspiration and feel empowered to create beautiful futures for yourselves as members of this persecuted nation who seems to rise from the ashes, each and every time. 

To be a Jew....this is what it means to me.

- Sharon

Introducing the Collection


fun side of judaism

Empty Bimah


face not shown

menorah lights

western wall in grey

protection psalm

start of the nation

purple abstract

Yet another city

woman in bloom


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