The Burst Collection :
Explode into the light

SUMMER 2023 : 27/06/23

The Burst Collection is comprised of 6 paintings and created from resin, pigment, rock, mica powder, paint, glitter, ink and silicone (and grass!). 

So there I was, shouting to the doctors, midwives and my husband ‘I am going to burst!’

 The obstetrician, midwives and my husband just stared at me, not knowing how to respond. What was I even talking about? There were looks of both smiles and confusion on their faces. There was no chance that the baby's arrival was imminent. I could see they had no idea what to do with me so I quietened down.
But the baby wasn't having any of it.

Are we living life fully?
Or do we need our own personal burst?

the background

That explosion never reached its potential.

And now you see I had done this all before. Childbirth was pretty familiar to me. 

But the first labour I had ever had, in 2015, with all the excruciating pain and agony, the hidden baby within, concealed from the world, ready to make its entrance…well when the baby arrived into the world, there was silence. Deafening silence. My eldest was stillborn. 

Switch back to the hospital more recently and what an incredible delight and joy that with the same agony and process, a healthy baby entered the world. Alive and full of wonder.

And so the concept of being made to hide, conceal, be constricted was born.

 And then BURST with exploding colour.

As I explored the idea of EXPLOSION, different ideas related to the central theme started to emerge. 

Original Painting Collection

It is time to explode out into the world in pure technicolour. 

6 paintings. All similar but different.

I hope that you, my Collectors will look at these pieces and feel the challenge, the questions, the conflict and the unity that came from painting this collection. I hope by having these paintings on your wall that you will gain inspiration and feel empowered to create beautiful futures for yourselves. Are you hiding or constrained in some way? Let's discover and walk this journey together.

- Sharon

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