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All you need to know is that my paintings are filled with philosophy, psychology and mindset, wrapped up into a beautiful piece of art.

I grew up with a passion for art and took the Art Foundation in 2007 but I found the Art Industry too murky so I said goodbye.
Fast forward to 2015, when my world was turned upside down with the stillbirth of my eldest child. This tragic event led me to a profound realization: if something as inexplicable as this could happen, then anything and everything was possible. With this newfound perspective, I rekindled my passion for art and resolved to create and sell my work on my own terms. 

I am dedicated to unpacking limiting beliefs to empower my collectors to identify their superpowers and lead bold fearless lives. 

Leading CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and internationally acclaimed personalities across the globe own my paintings and have my Statement Art hanging on their walls. 

I capture a myriad of emotions into each painting including power and weakness, ecstasy and grief, love and pain, happiness and depression, light and dark.

My artwork has been featured in British Vogue and my articles published in the Huffington Post. 


The rollercoaster we call Life, Travel, Psychology, the local Library and really great friends.

the artist


Based in London, Sharon paints bold, luxurious pieces using resin, palette knives, paints, and inks. 

Sharon put down her paintbrushes in 2007. It wasn't until the tragic stillbirth of her eldest daughter in 2015 that she found solace in art again. Today, her pieces can be found hanging in collectors' homes and offices around the world.

Her paintings are made from paint, resin and other miscellaneous materials that were due to be thrown away such as stones from my back garden! Her art is focused around Feminism, Inclusivity, Empowerment and parenthood and her work has been featured in British Vogue and Huffington Post.




friends > party,
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a little obsessed with my kids and family


happiest whilst accomplishing my dreams


i love the balance of corporate career during the week and artist life on the weekend

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Sustainable hustle, reaching for the stars, embracing and elevating hardship, productivity hacks & making the world a better place.


Excuse culture, fluff and no substance, artificial people, keeping up with 'The Jones', boring anything.

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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My Art hangs across the globe, owned by the most inspirational people; men and women changing the world in their own unique way - big and small.

With leading CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and internationally acclaimed personalities, I have created their vision on canvas. My artwork has been featured in British Vogue. If you are changing the world, then we should chat. 



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