My passion for art and why it’s shifting

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I'm Sharon. Welcome to my world, where bold, luxurious statement art is filled with philosophy, psychology and mindset, wrapped up in a beautiful piece to make you stop and think.

welcome, I'm SHARON


I tried my best

For so many years I have run my business as a charity project because I was desperate for people to see the value and importance of elevating their homes to hold inspirational messaging and imagery. For too long, I’ve focused on trying to get people to realise how crucial their interiors are, their walls, their decor.

I exhausted my energy trying to convince families of the importance of art.

Why renovated homes bother me so much

To this day, I go into newly renovated homes and see beautiful lighting, exquisite furniture, and then way too often, cheap cheap random art hanging on the walls. Now of course if that print is a family heirloom or it’s art painted by a family member or a piece picked up on travels then that is beautiful and meaningful.

But more likely, the family decided they have run out of budget and needed to fill the wall space. So a random piece of nonsense is placed on the wall.

The lost opportunity

What message are they giving their children? What a lost opportunity. That painting could have provided the inhabitants daily inspiration. That painting could have communicated to visitors the home owner’s identity and what this family stands for and their values.

As you can probably tell, I believe art is a monumental gift of creation and is such a powerful tool.

Where I went wrong

I thought maybe I could encourage people to harness this incredible gift we have been given of the potency of imagery but alas, so many years down the line I realise it’s never going to work.

Now of course I’m also not referring to people who are just not inspired by glorious things and who’s inner beings are not stirred by physical beauty. These people connect to the world through their other senses, and my question is not targeted to them. But for those influenced by beauty, inspired by grandeur, then art and the right art is a wondrous addition.

Maybe my goals weren’t business aligned

They do say when starting a business that you should create a product that fulfils a need. I guess my art world only came about because I painted my own pieces for my home after my eldest was stillborn and then friends started asking for prints. So this business has evolved from less conventional beginnings and thus the basic business principles to create a supply to fill a demand wasn’t my foundation.

What is changing

And maybe in 2023, I need to take a step back and start approaching my endeavours less as a charity project to encourage everyone around the world to elevate their walls.

I’m not here to convince people anymore.

No more. As we turn the corner into 2023, I will start to direct my passion and love for art only to those who already share my passion and those that understand.

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