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I'm Sharon. Welcome to my world, where bold, luxurious statement art is filled with philosophy, psychology and mindset, wrapped up in a beautiful piece to make you stop and think.

welcome, I'm SHARON


Thanks to the power of the internet, my collectors come from United Kingdom where I am based, but my art is also hanging around the world in places as far flung as Australia and South Africa!

The privilege of shipping art around the world comes with responsibility – filling out the customs label!

Here are few tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way:

Commodity code(s) are crucial to add to the paperwork when shipping art around the world. Choose the code(s) in bold below that applies to you and enter them into your inventory. You also need to write them on your shipping documentation in the section where you give a description of the contents of your package.

9701910000: Paintings, drawings and pastels, executed entirely by hand; collages and similar decorative plaques

9701920000: Mosaics

9703900000: Original sculptures and statuary, in any material

9702900090: Original engravings, prints and lithographs. (Photography, if it is digitally printed, comes under this category.)

7113110000: Articles of jewellery and parts thereof, of silver, whether or not plated or clad with other precious metal (excluding antiques over 100 years old).

7113190000: Articles of jewellery and parts thereof, Of other precious metal, whether or not plated or clad with precious metal

6913100010: handmade porcelain or China 6913100090: not handmade porcelain or China

6913901010: handmade common pottery 6913901090: not handmade common pottery

6913909310: handmade earthenware or fine pottery

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