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Old City Of Jerusalem · Original painted using palette knife, oils and acrylic on canvas. Inspired by one of my favourite places in the world - the Old City of Yerushalayim / Jerusalem.
From £100
Chanukah Lights · I originally painted this piece using palette knife and oils on canvas.
From £80
Es Ponecha Hashem Avakesh · In times of both darkness and happiness, we turn to Hashem requesting His "Light" to shine on us.
From £70
The Jerusalem Skyline · A modest attempt at capturing the beauty and magnificence of the Kotel and Old City.
From £75
Wedding Love · Such a momentous occasion and so much at stake; the black captures the somber mood of this auspicious moment whilst the colour represents the joy and bliss.
From £70
Peace/Shalom · A constant reminder and blessing; you should be in peace and your home should be in peace - a perfect gift for your walls.
From £70