#6 Torah Scroll The Protector  - Original Painting

#6 Torah Scroll The Protector - Original Painting

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The Torah Scroll so valiant and strong. The Jewish historian Josephus records the conqueror Titus's parade through Rome featuring you, the Torah scroll. Yet I see you today looking just as radiant in my Synagogue. Oh Torah Scroll, the roads you have travelled.

Part of the Rome Collection

12x12 inches. Painted onto primed, thick archival canvas and stretched onto board to maintain its shape. Professionally framed in bespoke Obiche wood Floater Frame (not shown). Each painting makes the perfect gift because we have provided a string mechanism on the back so the painting is ready to hang.
Resin, mica powders, pigment, silicone, paint.

Delivered with Certificate of Authenticity, together with luxurious wax seal.